Dr. Selvakumar Edwardraja

Senior Research Officer, Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, The university of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

Talk by Dr. Selvakumar Edwardraja

[Day 3]
11.00AM-11.45 AM
Theme: Scientific Talk : Publication Ethics and covid 19

Dr. Selvakumar Edwardraja is a Senior Research Officer at University of Queensland, Australia. His research areas encompasses ‘Protein Engineering and Synthetic Biology’. He is passionate about design and engineering of proteins towards biosensor applications and has extensive expertise in both translational and fundamental research. Before joining UQ, Dr.Selva studied UG and PG in Biological Sciences in Madurai Kamaraj University and also completed a Bioinformatics course in Pondicherry University. Then he finished PhD degree in Pusan National University, South Korea, and then went on to work as a postdoctoral researcher at the New York State University at Buffalo and Arizona State University (USA). Later he received a prestigious EMBO Long-term Fellowship to work on Next-Generation Antibody at Technical University of Munich (Germany).He is broadly interested in design and engineering of proteins to use them as bio sensing tools for different biomedical applications especially point of care diagnostics. Currently, his research focuses on developing protein biosensors for Nano-biotechnology platform.

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